A Wedding Favor Idea
That Your Guests Will Remember

When you start looking for a wedding favor idea, there are a few things to consider. First, determine your budget.

Do this by taking the number of guests you are expecting and multiplying it by the estimated cost per favor. Too much?

Adjust the price and recalculate. You then have an idea of your price range when you start searching.

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Next, think about the weddings that you have attended as a guest in the past. What favors were good? What favors were terrible? Use these past experiences to spark thoughts for your wedding favor idea search.

There are many companies and websites that sell favors. Our personal favorite is The Knot Wedding Shop because they offer a great selection at reasonable prices.

To give you some ideas, we created the following pages about wedding favors.

Autumn Wedding Favor
Match your wedding favor to your fall wedding theme.

Beach Wedding Favors
Get married in the sand, and give your guests a favor that they won't soon forget.

Elegant Wedding Favor
If your wedding is a formal affair and you want something a little fancier try going with an something like beautiful crystal vases or bowls from Mikasa. These may cost a little bit more, but it will fit your formal theme and make most people happy.

Inexpensive Wedding Favor
Give your guests a wedding favor that they will enjoy without breaking the bank. There are many ideas that are fun and original.

Lingerie Bridal Shower Favors
A fun, cute option for a bridal shower. Tips and three different options are discussed.

Personalized Wedding Favor
Put your personal stamp on your wedding favors. Almost any type of wedding favor is able to be personalized through engraving or printing.

Seed Packet Wedding Favor
Your guests will remember your wedding every time they see the flowers that bloom from the seeds you gave them.

Snowflake Wedding Favors
End your winter wedding on a high note with a unique wedding favor.

Unique Wedding Favor
If you're the crafty, creative type try looking for something unique. Remember, this is your wedding, and you make the rules! Don't feel that you have to stick with boring traditional wedding favors.