Ideas and Examples
For Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers allow you to be creative with your wedding cake. While your cake definitely doesn't need a topper, it can be another fun way to put your personal signature on your wedding day.

Toppers come in many different styles and themes. You may want to match one to your wedding theme or you may want it to represent your favorite hobby or passion.

Here are answers to 2 common questions:

Where Can I Find Cake Toppers?

Toppers can be found at many bridal stores, department stores and online bridal websites. Shopping online for them is typically more convenient and allows you to see many different options and easily compare prices.

Always buy from trusted websites that deliver quality products. We often recommend The Knot Wedding Shop because The Knot knows brides and offers great products.

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Where Can I Find Ideas and Examples of Cake Toppers?

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