9 Tips For A
Great Wedding Speech

A wedding speech is your chance to stand up and pay tribute to the bride and groom. For many people standing in front of large groups brings on anxiety and fear. Don't worry! With some preparation and a few techniques, giving a speech is a snap.

Here are 9 tips:

1) Relax! You are among family and friends, and they want you to do your best. They are on your side.

2) Be prepared, and you will ease your anxiety. Bring note cards for backup in case you momentarily lose your place.

3) Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the more confident you will be when you are in the spotlight.

4) Visualize your success. Get a mental image of you standing in front of everyone and delivering a moving speech.

5) Adding humor helps break the ice. It also helps make your performance memorable.

6) Do not embarrass the newlyweds. Humor is good, but now is not the time to bring up unmentionable activities from college.

7) Be sincere. Talk from the heart.

8) Look people in the eye. Don't stare at your note cards. Look around the room, and get people's attention.

9) Always keep your Champagne or drink close by for the toast at the end.

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