A Delicious Wedding Cake Idea

Since medievel times, brides have been searching for a wedding cake idea. Since that time cakes have evolved a little, but the idea is basically still the same.

Traditionally, cakes were usually always white to match the dress of the bride and to symbolize purity. However, today's modern bride has many different choices for a cake idea, and there are no boundaries.

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Wedding Cake IdeaWedding Cake Ideas
Its OK to get creative with your wedding cake! It is perfectly fine to have a chocolate or red velvet cake for example instead of the traditional white cake/white icing.

As with every facet of your wedding, your budget will have a lot to do with what type of cake you should consider for your wedding.

The more elaborate the wedding cake, the more expensive it will be. Another thing to remember is that most caterers and wedding spaces charge a cake cutting fee.

Below you will find articles and ideas for your cake. Another great resource to check out for wedding cakes is Piece-A-Cake.com.

Traditional Wedding Cakes

Traditional cakes are usually white cake with white icing (usually buttercream), elegantly decorated with flowers or other items to match the wedding theme.

Many bakeries offer filling, like raspberry or strawberry, and the cake is usually circular and can be multi-tiered.


Fondant adds an elegant touch to your wedding day. Fondant Wedding Cake can answer your questions about this type of cake.

Unique Cake Designs

Unique cake designs offer a more stylish and original look. Square cakes can add a simple uniqueness to your wedding.

Individual Wedding Cake

Small Wedding Cakes

Square Wedding Cakes

Unusual Wedding Cakes

Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Cupcakes are a fun alternative to the traditional cake. Visit our Cupcake Wedding Cakes page for more ideas.

Another great resource is All About Wedding Cupcakes.

Wedding Cake IdeaWedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cake Cost

Your cake will have to fit into your overall wedding planning budget. Visit wedding cake prices for more information.

Wedding Cake Themes

Using a theme for your cake can be a lot of fun. Check out the following pages:

Fall Wedding Cake

Fall Autumn Wedding Cake

Halloween Wedding Cake

Hawaiian Wedding Cake

Snowflake Wedding Cake

Tropical Wedding Cake

Western Wedding Cake

Winter Wedding Cakes

Cake Toppers

Cake toppers can be the perfect way to add your signature to your wedding cake idea. Today you can find just about any type of cake topper, from the traditional bride and groom to personalized cake toppers.

Visit Wedding Cake Toppers for more ideas.

Grooms Cake

The grooms cake started as a Southern tradition in the U.S., however don't feel like you can't have a Grooms Cake if you live in the Midwest. It is usually served at the reception or rehearsal, and this is one opportunity to let your creativity flow.

Grooms cakes are traditionally shaped into an interest of the groom, such as a football or airplane. It is a nice tradition to include in your wedding if you have the budget.