10 Reasons Why You Need
Wedding Planners Bridal Consultants

Wedding planners (otherwise known as Bridal Consultants) should be an important part of your wedding planning process.

If you are on the fence about whether you should hire a wedding planner bridal consultant, keep reading. Listed below are 10 reasons to hire one.

1) Piece of mind

Stress is a big part of any wedding. A wedding planner can help alleviate the stress by helping you with the most difficult parts of a wedding. They can also be someone to vent to and a voice of reason.

2) Avoid the business side of wedding

A wedding planner can handle all the business details like negotiating the price of tent rentals, making sure the limousine company isn’t charging too much and tipping your vendors at the reception.

3) Leverage networking relationships with vendors

Locating experienced, trustworthy wedding vendors can be time consuming and expensive. Wedding planners have extensive lists of qualified vendors that they have used many times.

4) Help keep focus

With all of the responsibility that a wedding brings, it is not hard to lose focus. A wedding planner can help you keep your focus with timelines and task lists.

5) Help with creative ideas and fine details

Wedding planners have seen many different and unique weddings. An experienced wedding planner is a great resource to bounce ideas off of.

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6) Time management – time is money

The average wedding can take more than 250 hours to plan. With today's hectic lifestyles, you may not have time to compare all the options and make sure you get the best deal.

7) Money savings

While it is possible that wedding planners can get you discounts through some of their contacts, the real value comes by letting a wedding planner review your contracts. They read contracts every day, and they can help you avoid hidden and unnecessary charges as well as help you negotiate.

8) Professional quality to wedding – Taken more seriously by vendors

Working with a wedding planner is like having an experienced manager in your corner that can handle any situation that might occur.

9) Wedding Budget – Keep your eye on the prize.

Wedding expenses can easily get out of control if you are not careful. Wedding planners have checklists and spreadsheets that can help you set and monitor your budget. They can also be your sanity check when you are considering how much to spend on certain items.

10) Enjoy family and friends on your wedding day

Last but not least, a wedding is a day that is meant to be enjoyed and spent with family and friends. With a wedding planner bridal consultant running the show behind the scenes, you can be assured that it everything will work out fine on your big day without your involvement.