Tips For Giving An Impressive
Maid Of Honor Wedding Speech

As the Maid of Honor you also have a chance to stand up and give a thoughtful Maid of Honor wedding speech, in addition to planning the never-to-be-forgotten Bachelorette party.

You were selected because you mean a lot to the bride, so honor her by delivering a moving speech.

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"How do I do that?” you ask? Well, in addition to the general rules for a wedding speech, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1) You probably know the bride really well and have seen her go through many things in life. Use this as inspiration.

2) Your chance to speak will most likely come after the Best Man. Try to keep your speech short and sweet so you don't lose everyone's attention.

3) Write from the heart. If you get stuck, just think about why the bride is important to you.

Below is a basic outline to start with:


Introduce yourself since everyone might not know who you are, and thank them for attending. If it is your style, you can insert a quote or joke at this point to get everyone's attention. It is also a nice touch to address the groom with a compliment or light-hearted joke.


Now is the time to dig up any funny dating or other stories from high school or college. However, remember the golden rule - Do not tell a story that is inappropriate or overly embarrassing. Now is not the time to talk about all those one night stands the bride had in college, especially if the groom is unaware of them!

You can also tell your version of how they met and fell in love. What were your observations? You have seen it all, and many times your version can be quite humorous.


At the end of the speech, congratulate the couple, add a witty joke or quote and lift your glass for the toast. Take a big drink - you just successfully gave an impressive performance!