Seven Tips For Choosing The
Right Wedding Invitations

Searching for wedding invitations is similar to other aspects of your wedding. You need to set a budget and pick one that compliments your style and wedding theme.

If your budget has gotten out of control, one way to save on invitations is to shop online and to also look for on sale or clearance invitations.

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Invitations (after save the dates) are your first chance to introduce your wedding theme to your guests. For example, if you are having a beach-themed wedding, your invitations should be tied to that theme somehow.

To get you stated with picking out the ones for you, here are seven more tips:

  • Send out your invitations two months prior to your wedding. This gives your guests enough time to respond without it being too far in advance.

  • Before buying your invitations, it is a good idea to order a few invitation samples.

  • Don't forget to set a budget. Invitation, save the date and thank you note budgets are an area that can be cut if you need more room in your budget for other wedding items.

  • Waiting too long to order your invitations can cause big issues. Try to pick them out and order them six months prior to your wedding day.

  • Be extra clear on dates, times and locations. It is also a good idea to provide detailed directions to the ceremony and reception locations.

  • Avoid asking for a certain type of gift, like money, in your invitations. It is better etiquette to have your wedding party spread the word instead.

  • Always hand write your thank you notes. Printed thank you notes are very impersonal, and writing them yourself gives you a chance to communicate how thankful you are to each guest.

Buying invitations online has become a very popular thing to do. It is convenient, easy to do and you can get some really great deals online.

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