Hints And Tips For
Blank Wedding Invitations

Blank wedding invitations give you another option for releasing the creative creature that lives inside of you. As you will read below, there are some benefits and drawbacks with choosing this type of invitation.

To help you figure out if blank wedding invitations are the right choice for your wedding, listed below are some benefits, tips and examples of blank invitations.

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If you are a really creative, hands-on person, then blank invitations are for you. They allow you to make choices like what font to use and the color of the text that will be printed on your invitations.

As a creative writer you will also like the freedom they allow when deciding on the content of your invitation. You won't have to stick to a pre-baked script that you are unable to change.

You also may be able to save money. Many invitation companies will give you a discount if you decide you would like your invitations to be delivered blank.

An invitation company that gives a discount is Invitation Consultants. They will give you a 10% discount if you choose blank invitations.

Where To Find Them

As mentioned above, Invitation Consultants offers 10% off if you order blank invitations. In addition, you can get $5 Off any order over $100 at InvitationConsultants.com. Order Invitations for any occasion today. Coupon Code CJ34495. . Every little bit adds up!

Listed below are 3 examples of invitations that can be ordered blank. Click on them to view the details. Clicking on "Personalize" from there allows you to indicate that you would like to receive blank invitations.

A Few Tips

One thing to keep in mind is that blank invitations might not be available in all styles. The styles that they are available in are typically traditional and a little on the conservative side.

They are typically single page, mostly without accents like ribbons or other items. If the invitations do come with ribbons ask the company if you can assemble them yourself to avoid any problems with printing.

You will also not be able to utilize thermography or foil printing unless you have access to a very high level printer. Most will only be available in flat printing styles, meaning you will be able to print them on your home computer.

It is a must that you have a good printer and know what you are doing when it comes to printing. Make sure stock is thin enough for your printer so the invitations print correctly.

Order several samples of blank invitations that you can use to test your printer at home. Making sure your printer can handle the printing before you buy all of your invitations will save you time, money and stress.