Top Choices For A
Winter Wedding Idea

Just because it is cold outside doesn't mean you can't come up with a fantastic winter wedding idea. If you live in the northern part of the U.S. or in a mountainous area, snow can provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

You may also be able to save a little money by having your wedding during the winter months, especially January and February. Many reception locations will drop their cost to fill up their calendars in the off season.

Below are some winter wedding ideas for you:

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Location options for a winter wedding idea include Inns and Bed and Breakfasts, lodges, country clubs, historic mills and private estates. Call around, you may be surprised at some of the deals you are offered.


Whatever theme you choose, consider starting off with Snowflake Wedding Invitations to help set the wintertime mood.

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Winter Wedding Flowers can make all the difference for you winter or holiday wedding.


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Finish off your winter wedding with Snowflake Wedding Favors.

Blue or White Ice Wedding Theme

Winter usually means ice, and with this theme we bring it inside. We'll start with your centerpieces.
  • Find square, round, cylinders or fish bowl vases to fill with water. Next, take blue plastic wrap, crinkle it and put it into the water to make it look like there is ice in the water. You may need to play with the plastic wrap to get it to look right, but the effect is really cool if you get it right.

  • You can then add floating candles, floating flowers or white roses to the vases. Add a round mirror under the vases in the center of the table for added effect.

  • Finish off your table with white and light blue linens, alternating on each table at the reception.

  • During the cocktail reception, many sites and caterers offer raw bars on ice, and you can even add ice sculptures in the middle of the raw bar tables.

  • Along the same lines is the ever popular Vodka ice bar and Vodka Luge.

Valentine's Wedding Theme

It just so happens that Valentine's Day falls in winter and a Valentine's wedding theme can be very elegant winter wedding idea.
  • Start off with heart or Valentine's related invitations and matching thank you cards. Many invitations designers have styles that resemble traditional Valentines.

  • Of course red is the color of choice for Valentine's-themed weddings, but you can get a little creative with different shades like burgundy or merlot. An idea could be to have tope table cloths with red napkins.

  • The favorite flower for Valentine's wedding centerpieces is usually red roses. You can also sprinkle small red paper hearts on the tables around the centerpieces.

  • During dessert, have small bowls filled with different types of heart candy like Red Hots or conversation hearts (the ones with the cute sayings on them).

  • There are several different types of favors that carry the heart theme. Another idea is to have a photographer take Polaroid or instant photos of your guests that they put immediately into heart frames to take home.

Vineyard Wedding ThemeSnowflake Theme

Snowflake Wedding Theme

What better wintertime theme than snowflakes? As with any theme, you can start by finding snowflake invitations and thank you notes.
  • Snowflake wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes. An elegant choice is a crystal or china snowflake ornament.

  • Ask your florist about adding small crystal snowflakes to your flower centerpieces, and you can also choose vases with etched snowflakes instead of plain ones.

  • Some rental companies and reception spaces offer table linens with snowflake patterns. Work with them to come up with a classy linen combination that carries the snowflake theme.

  • Snowflake confetti can also be sprinkled on the tables around your centerpieces.

Christmas Wedding Theme

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