Fun Ideas For A
Snowflake Wedding Cake

A snowflake wedding cake works really well for a winter or even a Christmas wedding, and it adds a fun, wintry twist to an otherwise boring cake.

You have a couple options for this type of cake. You can hire a cake designer to create a cake for you, or you can start with a traditional wedding cake and transform it into a snowflake cake.

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Do some research and figure out what best fits your budget, style and the rest of your wedding reception decorations.

Fondant is a sugar paste that can be molded into snowflakes by a talented cake designer. This is a special talent, so be sure to interview cake designers and ask to see photos of their work before signing a contract.

While white is the typical color for a wedding cake, don't be afraid to use a splash of bold color to brighten up your cake. Ice blue and pink work well as accent colors for winter weddings.

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Wedding cake toppers can add a wintry touch to your cake. Look for snowflake cake toppers that fit in with the style and size of your cake.

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