3 Questions Answered
About Fondant Wedding Cake

A fondant wedding cake can add an extra elegant touch to your beautiful wedding reception. Not only does it look good, but fondant offers many flexible options for your cake.

To help you decide if this type of cake is right for you, we listed three common questions along with answers below.

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What Is Fondant?

Fondant is a thick, creamy sugar paste that is used as frosting for cakes. It is typically rolled flat and either draped over the top of cakes or cut and molded into decorative shapes.

It has become very popular for wedding cakes because it provides a smooth, even finish which looks very elegant. Fondant can also be molded and shaped into almost anything, like flowers, seashells, ribbons, pearls and other cake decorations making it a very flexible, edible material to work with.

Color can be added to fondant to match your wedding colors and compliment your wedding theme.

What Does Fondant Look Like?

As mentioned above, fondant provides a smooth matte finish on top of your wedding cake. Below are several examples.

Fondant Wedding CakeHearts & Initials

Fondant Wedding CakePink Spring Design

Where Do I Find Fondant Cakes?

Many bakers and cake designers offer fondant as an option. Ask around for references and look online for vendors in your area.

Don't take their word for it when researching bakers and cake designers. Working with fondant is definitely an art, so ask for photos of cakes they have designed and ask to speak with brides who have used them in the past.

One thing to keep in mind is that this type of cake may cost a little more than a traditional cake with buttercream frosting.