3 Personalized Ideas
For Picture Wedding Invitations

Picture wedding invitations send a personalized greeting to your wedding guests. Invitations can sometimes be a little impersonal, and this type of invitation allows you to add that missing personal, creative touch.

The first thing you will need is a good photo to use in the invitation. The best option is to have photos professionally done in a studio or outside at a park or other location.

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Once you have the perfect photo to use, you then need to choose a style. Even though you are choosing to use your picture for the invitation, you can still choose a style that incorporates your wedding theme or wedding colors.

My Soul Mate offers a beautiful, large photo opportunity that opens from flaps on the right and left to display wording on the inside.

To Our Future highlights your chosen photo with text on the right side. Perfect for those breathtaking photos that don't need any help.

Darling I Do is a fun tri-fold design allows you to feature multiple photos.

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