8 Wedding Color Themes
For Every Season

Wedding color themes are a great way to brighten up your wedding day. Themes come in all shapes in sizes and can be wrapped around your wedding location, favorite hobby or in this case a color combination.

Traditional wedding theme colors are usually black and white, which still works, with a basic color for bridesmaid dresses. Choosing to use a color as your theme can mean much more, however, than the color your bridesmaids wear.

Your chosen theme can run throughout your big day. From the color of your invitations to the accent colors in your wedding dress to the colors used in your reception decorations.

For more ideas about how to incorporate a theme into your big day visit our wedding theme idea guide.

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Fall Wedding Colors

Having your wedding in fall means you can take advantage of the bright colors that the foliage brings with it.

Dark Brown and Lime Green

Copper and Deep Red

Winter Wedding Colors

Don't let cold winter weather stop you from picking out a great color combination.

Silver and Dark Blue

Black and White

Spring Wedding Colors

Spring means warmer weather and colorful flowers which translates into a colorful wedding day.

Hot Pink and Hot Orange

Black and Hot Pink

Summer Wedding Colors

Warm summer nights mean some hot choices for your wedding day colors.

Periwinkle Blue and Grass Green

Chocolate and Pink