Seven Tropical Wedding Cake Ideas

A tropical wedding cake is a great way to end the perfect beach wedding that you have worked so hard to plan. You need a cake that will compliment the menu you picked out for your reception, especially if the food is tropical or Caribbean.

The options for your cake are the same as for a traditional wedding, and there is nothing wrong with having a traditional white cake.

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However, a tropical-themed wedding gives you some freedom when deciding on things like your cake. The way the cake is decorated or the type of cake can have a unique twist thanks to the theme you chose for your wedding.

As always, work with your baker or cake designer to come up with ideas. If you are having a destination wedding, check with the local resort to find out what options are available.

Here are 7 ideas for your tropical wedding cake:

  • If your wedding has a specific tropical or nautical theme, use that for your cake as well. For example, if you are decorating your reception space with nautical items like shells, sailboats, etc., carry that theme over into your cake design.

  • Tropical Wedding CakeSeashell Cake

  • Fondant is an edible substance that can be molded into different shapes and designs. Items like seashells, coral and even fish can be created with fondant and placed on top of your cake and on the sides as decoration. This is one art that is definitely ok to eat!

  • Cakes don't always have to be round or square. Get creative with a cake shaped like a boat, lighthouse or sandcastle.

  • If you are having a destination wedding, consider going with a local favorite. Examples include a Bahamas rum cake and a Hawaiian pineapple cake.

  • Tropical Wedding CakeLighthouse Cake
  • Adding tropical fruit fillings like mango and pineapple can turn a plain white cake into a tropical treat. Use fruits that are native to the location of your wedding.

  • There are many tropical cake toppers that you can add to your cake like a lighthouse or even a hula dancer. You can also combine cake toppers with fondant, flowers and other decorations.

  • Tropical flowers that match your centerpieces and other reception decorations can be added to your cake and the display table. This is a great way to add some color while finishing off your theme.

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