Complete Guide To
Tropical Wedding Flowers

Tropical wedding flowers add color and uniqueness to your wedding. Flowers can be a big part of your wedding, and choosing the right type and colors can add a new dimension to your wedding day.

The choices available will depend on where your wedding will take place, the season and your personal preferences.

If you are having a destination wedding you may want to research what flowers are native to area you are getting married. You should also check with florists and wedding planners in the local area or at your resort to find out what flowers are available.

Typically flowers are used for the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. They can also be used for centerpieces and decorations at your ceremony and reception. Try to find a nice combination of flowers that matches your wedding theme and colors.

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Listed below are types of flowers that can be found in different tropical locations and ways to use them in your wedding.

Hawaiian Wedding Flowers

Tropical Wedding FlowersLei
Hawaii is known for beautiful flowers. Leis are a fun way to add color to your wedding, and they come in a few different varieties. Typically leis are made of orchids and common colors include white, pink and purple.

If you are having authentic orchid leis shipped to your wedding location, make sure that the orchids are grown in Hawaii. If they are shipped in from Asia they will be several days old by the time you receive them.

Another variation is the Haku wristband, headband and anklet. These are perfect for a traditional Hawaiian wedding or a beach wedding in the sand. Haku leis can also be used for decorations, such as part of your centerpieces, around baskets and on wedding cake displays.

Loose orchid blossoms are also great for decorating. They can be used for table decorations, on your cake and anywhere that needs a little color.

Other Tropical Wedding Flowers

Probably the most popular choice, orchids come in many colors and types which makes it easy to match them with your wedding colors. They can also withstand the heat of the Caribbean and other tropical locations for many hours.

Tropical Wedding FlowersOrchid

Varieties include solid colors and stripes. These are great in bouquets or potted as centerpieces.

Tropical Wedding FlowersAmaryllis

Beautiful combinations of colors make this the perfect tropical flower. You are sure to find one that compliments your wedding colors.

Tropical Wedding FlowersHibiscus

Bird of Paradise
This is an exotic flower that resembles a bird in flight (hence the name). The bright colors will add a tropical touch to your bouquets and decorations.

Tropical Wedding FlowersBird of Paradise

There are many different types of lilies to choose from, and they are very versatile. They are very heat resistant and long lasting which makes them a great choice.

Tropical Wedding FlowersLilly

A favorite for any wedding, roses do very well in hot, tropical locations.

Tropical Wedding FlowersRoses