3 Ideas For
Lingerie Bridal Shower Favors

Lingerie bridal shower favors are a fun option, and if you are throwing a shower you should definitely consider sending the ladies home with one.

There are several different cute styles of favors, as you will see below. Try to match the favors to the overall theme of the shower.

For example, try to pick one or two primary colors for the shower, and match up your chosen favors with the colors.

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Here are 3 ideas for lingerie favors:


Scented, silk sachets (below) make perfect bridal shower favors. They come on a hanger and are available in a few different color combinations.

Cookies and Candy

Hand decorated gourmet cookies (below) are always a hit. A fun snack to send with the ladies as they head home from the shower.


Personalized mint tins (below) are a great way to add the bride's name to the bridal shower favor. They are typically filled with pepermints, and the mints are often heart shaped.