An Inexpensive Wedding Favor
That Isn't Cheap

Choosing an inexpensive wedding favor is not a bad thing. As we have stated in the past, if your wedding budget has gotten out of control, don't be afraid to trim your wedding favor budget.

Other aspects of your wedding are more important than favors, so putting more of your budget towards other areas make perfect sense.

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Keep in mind that there is a difference between inexpensive and incredibly cheap and tacky wedding!

Use some creativity when researching and deciding on what wedding favor to choose. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Many websites and bridal stores have a clearance section for items they are no longer carrying or just don't have room for anymore.

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  • Ebay is a great place to check for discounted wedding favors and supplies for making your own.

  • Candy and even Cookies wrapped in tulle and ribbon are a tasty alternative. You can usually find a good deal at bulk stores or bakeries, and there are many websites that will ship them to you.

  • One of the newer trends in wedding favor frenzy is to give guests a $1.00 Lottery scratch off card. You can buy very nice, inexpensive envelopes to put them in and tie an elegant ribbon around them.

    Add a penny in the envelope with the year of your marriage so your guests can scratch and reveal their winnings.

  • Similar to the lottery ticket idea, some couples are giving away betting slips for sporting events. This works out well for those of you in or near Las Vegas or in Europe.

    Take out $1 bets for your favorite team to win the Super Bowl or World Cup for each guest attending your wedding, and package them like the lottery tickets above.

  • Wedding coasters are another hot item for the cost conscious bride and groom. There are several varieties, some of which allow you to add a photo.

    Others are theme based, like the seasons, that help finish off your overall wedding theme.

  • If you have a green thumb, grow some herbs like rosemary or lavender in small pots for favors.

  • Handmade seed paper can be found in many shapes and sizes. Guests can take the paper home, plant it and grow a garden from your favor.

  • If all else fails, go with the old reliable candy in tulle or votive candles. Both are easy to package and very cost effective choices as an inexpensive wedding favor.