Be Unique With a
Personalized Wedding Favor

Use your charm and come up with a personalized wedding favor to add some personal flair to your wedding.

In theory, you can personalize almost any type of wedding favor using engraving, printed ribbons, etc.

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Below you will find several ideas to run with:

  • You can never go wrong with candy as a wedding favor. Consider the ever popular candy bar wrapper. It's fun, simple, and who doesn't love a Hershey bar (below)?

  • M&M has gotten into the act as well with custom printed M&Ms. Personalized M&M Wedding Favors; custom printed words, faces and colors.

    Put them in a wedding favor bag, tie it off with some ribbon, and you have a simple, personalized wedding favor.

  • Another popular option that we are seeing more of is a custom wine or Champagne label. Many regions have local vineyards that would be happy to print up custom labels for your wedding, and there are several websites that offer this service as well.

    Visit your local wine shop and ask them if they offer this service.

  • One way to make sure they don't forget your beautiful faces is to give your guests a photo frame with one of your engagement photos in it. Although considered narcissistic by some, most people (including Aunt Sally) will enjoy having the photo for their collection.

  • Think of your hobbies and interests. What defines you as a couple? Use this inspiration to come up with a unique idea.

  • Personalized water bottles have become popular, and they serve a purpose by hydrating your guests (below).

  • For sports minded couples there are a few options. Golfers, for example, may want to include custom printed golf balls or other golf-themed items. This may also go well if you are getting married at a country club.

  • If you are really into music, share your passion with your guests by giving them a personalized CD favor. These are easy to make - just gather all of your favorite songs together, buy some blank CDs, slap a custom label on it and you are done!

    You can use your computer's CD burner and home printer to print the labels and covers. There are several software programs available on the web that can help you with this as well.

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