6 Ideas For A
Vineyard Wedding Theme

Choosing a vineyard wedding theme can be a great way to get married, especially if you are a wine connoisseur. Even if you know nothing about wine, getting married at a vineyard can be a great experience.

It all starts with vineyard wedding invitations. They can help to set the tone for your wedding, and they also let your guests know what to expect.

To help with pulling all of the other details together, we came up with the following list of six tips.

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Choosing A Season

The ideal time for a vineyard wedding theme is the fall, especially if you live in an area that truly experiences a change of season. Take advantage of the natural colors and beauty that autumn foliage brings.

Since fall is harvest time, you will have many great choices for decorations like pumpkins and apples. You will also get to experience the vineyards wine right after is was bottled.

Spring and summer are also nice times to get married at a vineyard as well. Many vineyards have beautiful gardens that are in full, bright bloom in the warmer seasons.

Vineyard Wedding ThemeFall Vineyard Wedding

Choosing A Location

The obvious choice for a location is a vineyard. However, not all vineyards are the same, and each has different selling points that you should investigate thoroughly.

First, decide if you want to get married outside or inside. Many vineyards have gardens, gazebos and other locations on the grounds that offer breathtaking locations for your wedding ceremony. You can also have your reception outside under a tent.

If an outdoor wedding is not your thing, many vineyards have Inns, restaurants or other reception facilities that can handle your reception. Wine cellars are a great place to have a reception dinner surrounded by oak barrels and walls full of wine bottles.

Decorating Your Wedding

Try to use the natural beauty of the vineyard or wine cellar. Often vineyards are not new, and the historic uniqueness of these locations is unmatched.

For table decorations and centerpieces, use pumpkins, gourds, apples, pears, colorful leaves and flowers of the season like sunflowers and mums.

Vineyard Wedding ThemeBeautiful Vineyard

What To Wear

Dark reds, gold, blue and green are popular colors that can be used for bridesmaid dresses. These colors can also be used as accent colors on your wedding dress and the vests that the groom and groomsmen wear.

Favors For Your Guests

Many vineyards will offer small bottles as wine wedding favors that can be personalized with your photo and special message. The bottle can also be paired with chocolate if you want to be extra nice to your guests.

Other traditional wedding favor options for a vineyard wedding theme include wine stoppers, corkscrews and coasters.

Vineyard Wedding ThemeVineyard Reception

The Menu

The food served at your reception should be one of the highlights of your big day, and you have the advantage of a variety of wine at your fingertips. Work with the vineyard or your caterer to come up with a menu that works well with the wine that you will be serving.

A nice idea is to have several wine bottles placed at the center of each table for your guests to enjoy. Having each course paired with a different type of wine lets you have some fun with your theme and your guests will experience a true culinary masterpiece.

Try to take advantage of the special prices that you will most likely receive for the wine and make it readily available for your guests to enjoy. Add a little twist by offering a signature drink like sangria or another type of cocktail that has wine in it.