Country City Wedding Theme

by Allison

My soon to be husband is a country boy and I’m a city girl. How can I have the both in my wedding without being tacky?

Our Thoughts

This is such a wonderful wedding theme to work with: Country Boy-Meets City Girl - A Elegant-Rustic and Intimate event. You have to really think about each of your upbringings and how to have that reflected in your style for both the ceremony and the wedding reception.

A starting point is to think about whether there is a specific city that you really like or have a connection to? If so, are there any unique aspects to that city that can be incorporated into your day?

Start by finding a more rustic venue/space, like a barn, or possibly have a tented affair with forest or gardens surrounding you. When it comes to country, using a ton of candles will help make the setting of both your wedding ceremony and reception very romantic, simple and a little bit more county.

Then by adding more sophisticated
wedding flowers like calla lilies (city), with hydrangea and sunflowers (country) you start to see a beautiful mix of the two themes.

For your wedding centerpieces, you can add a touch of the city by combining flowers with replicas of your favorite building or monument, like the Empire State Building or other items like Peaches from Atlanta.

Instead of numbering the tables at your wedding reception, use city names (New York, Chicago, etc.), neighborhoods/boroughs (Manhattan, Fisherman’s Wharf, etc.) or other unique features of a specific city.

For your wedding favors do an elegant but fun candy bar with all kinds of chocolate and 5 and Dime candies in beautiful glass vases and use small brown paper bags with your favorite phrases on them for a little more rustic country feel to them.

Other options for favors include personalized candy bar wrappers with city designs or unique features from the city of choice.

Music should be a big part of your thought process on your big day. A great play list of some Sinatra and Good Ole' Country music really will help drive the theme home.

A great way to finish off the theme is with one or more signature drinks at your reception. For example, a blue martini to represent you and a drink containing sweet tea vodka for him.

While it is easy to drive yourself crazy with all of the options, keeping things simple will really help you focus on the most important details for the day which are you, your husband-to-be and your family.


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