6 Bright Ideas For A
Sunflower Wedding Theme

A sunflower wedding theme is a magnificent choice for a late summer or fall wedding. A favorite flower of many people, there are many different options for mixing them into your wedding day.

As with any wedding theme, you will want to use sunflowers as much as possible without going overboard. Below are 6 ideas to get you moving.

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A Colorful Start

Invitations decorated with sunflowers are a colorful start to your wedding experience. You can also use the same or a similar design for all of your printed wedding materials.

Your wedding programs, thank you cards and any signs you use for your wedding day can all be printed with sunflower designs.

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Down The Aisle

Start off your wedding ceremony with your flower girl throwing small sunflowers or just the petals as she walks down the aisle. This will pave the way for the rest of your wedding day, and you can also decorate her basket with sunflowers as well.

As a bride you can wear them in your hair along with your bridal party. Sunflowers also work well as pew decorations if you are having a church wedding ceremony by themselves or mixed with other flowers of the season.

Have your bridal party carry a single sunflower or a small group of them instead of a bouquet.

Colors Of The Season

Fall offers some great color choices that work very well with a sunflower wedding theme. Gold and yellow along with deep reds, greens and blues work well. Also, chocolate is a popular choice that can be paired up with light blue or pink.

Tie these colors into all aspects of your wedding including your decorations and accents for your wedding dress. These colors look great as bridesmaid dresses, and they work as accent colors for the men in the bridal party as well.

Decorating For The Season

Fall is harvest season, and with it brings items of the season that can be used as wedding decorations. Pumpkins, gourds, colorful leaves and wine are four things that come to mind.

For centerpieces try bouquets of sunflowers by themselves or paired with other flowers of the season like hydrangea and roses. Dried sunflowers of various sizes can also be used for centerpieces and other decorative flower arrangements.

Another centerpiece option is to cut off the stems of sunflowers and float them in fish bowls or other shallow vases filled with water. If you are having an outdoor wedding, decorate wedding ceremony arches, fences and other items with sunflowers.

It's Hard To Resist Cake

Instead of traditional white wedding cake consider spiced, chocolate or other seasonal flavor. Have your baker or cake designer finish your cake off with fondant sunflowers or real (or silk) sunflower blooms.

You can take it a step further by finding a cake serving set decorated with sunflowers, or top your cake off with a sunflower wedding cake topper.

Don't Forget The Favors

Finish off your sunflower wedding theme with a gift for your guests. Sunflower seeds come packaged in tulle or pretty favor bags, and there are even chocolate covered sunflower seeds for a fun alternative.

Sunflower cookies and other traditional wedding favors decorated with sunflowers can help to finish off your day and your wedding theme.

If you want to send your guests home with actual sunflowers, consider growing small sunflowers in pots. Have one per couple or guest at the table, and put them at the center of your tables so they can double as your wedding centerpieces.