10 Ideas For Wedding
Favors And Centerpieces

A big part of your wedding reception is choosing your wedding favors and centerpieces. They play an important role in defining the style of your wedding and the overall feeling that your guests have when they walk through the door to your reception.

You may be thinking of combining them for a few different reasons:

  • You may be able to save money by combining your wedding favors and centerpieces.

  • Planning time is very short and you don't have time to look for both.

  • If your reception tables are small combining them will give your guests more room.

  • You are debating whether to give favors at all, and this is a way to solve the problem.

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Whatever the reason, there are few really good options if you do decide to do it. Below we have listed ideas as a starting point for your research.

Potted Plantes

Potted plants make great wedding favors and centerpieces. Find decorative pots to use, and plant daisies, roses, sunflowers or any other type of flower that matches your wedding. Have one for each couple or single person at the tables.

Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate fountains are a lot of fun. Have a small one on each table, and when it is time for dessert guests can dip strawberries, bananas and cake into the chocolate. Provide bags so they can bring some home.

Small Vases of Flowers

Small vases filled with fresh flowers arranged in a circle are another option. Grouped together they will look like a larger arrangement, and your guests can take them home at the end of the reception.

Flowers and Candy

There are several companies that offer flower and candy combinations. The stem is filled with candy and topped off with a real flower. Put them in a vase at the center of the table, and let your guests take them home at the end of the reception.


Candles are a popular choice for both favors and centerpieces. Put a votive candle in a decorative crystal container for each guest at the center of your tables in a circle. They also help to set the mood.

Individual Cakes

Small individual cakes or other desserts can be displayed as centerpieces. Guests can be encouraged to take them home to enjoy later.

Holiday Decorations

For a Christmas wedding place ornaments for everyone in a bowl at the center of the table. Accent with other holiday-related items like garland or candy.

Favor Tree

A favor tree is perfect for a Winter or holiday wedding. Find small evergreens or other types of real or fake trees, and put them at the center of your tables. Then, hang the favors on it. Ideas include bags of candy, ornaments or other items.


Fall weddings are perfect for carved pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. Put one for each couple or single attendee at the center of your tables.

Candy Apples

Also perfect for Fall or any other seasons are candy apples. You can get them decorated to match your wedding theme and colors.

So you aren't left with a lot of left over favors, make a few small place cards at each table letting guests know that it is OK to take home the centerpieces as wedding favors.

Alternatively, you could put the names of the guests on the actual favors. Think of the concept of a wine charm with the guest’s names instead of other objects.