Beach Princess Wedding Theme

I am having a really hard time deciding how to theme my wedding! My fiancé proposed to me on the beach, he opened a beautiful clam shell and inside was the ring!

I have always loved the beach and our wedding will be on a large grassy hill overlooking the ocean, which I know will be gorgeous. However, I always wanted sunflowers as my bouquets and on tables, ceremony chairs, etc. (not wanting to go overboard).

Then there is me, a princess, who has always dreamed of a love story type wedding. I want to tie in the whole "happy ever after" theme, with the swirly style invitations in different shades of blues, creams and dull pinks; the frogs with crowns on their heads and the glass slippers. It has to be like it's out of a fairy tale.

I have about 7 months till my wedding and I don't feel like I can start working on anything else until I figure this out. I want the fairy tale wedding I've always dreamed of, but how do I tie in the sea shells and sunflowers?

Our Thoughts

Congratulations on your engagement and props to your fiancé for the creative proposal! What a great story!

The best part of your wedding venue is that you already have the beach as your backdrop! This of course does not mean you have to go crazy with the beach theme since you already have the real thing at the event.

If I was your wedding planner I would tell you to run with the Princess theme that you have already dreamed of your whole life. Have the sunflowers, the frogs and the glass slippers incorporated into your event or you will look back and regret not going with your heart.

Maybe start by having more of the "Beach Feel" at your ceremony near or right off the beach and then let the cocktail and reception aspects of your event become more "princess like".

You might consider a cake in the shape of a castle built on the waters edge to bring the princess and beach theme together. Your centerpieces can be silver candelabras with some princess sparkle and bling, but incorporate some sea shells around the base with just a bit of pink sand.

Subtle can be more elegant at times when mixing two themes together. And do not forget lots of candles as they add princess magic & romance. I hope your fairytale ending does indeed come true!


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Beach Wedding Seating

I am having my wedding on the beach on soft sand. As far as chairs, are there chairs meant for sand?

I know most of them sink in and I don't want the older people falling over. I don't really want to do benches, and I see plenty of pictures with nice chair set ups.

Our Thoughts

There really aren't special chairs made specifically for beach weddings. Typically the photos you see in magazines and on the internet are rental chairs of either plastic or wood material from a local wedding rental store.

Some beaches are better suited for chairs (hard sand), so check to see if there is an area that has harder sand where your chairs will not sink as much. Another option is to forgo chairs all together and have your guests stand for your ceremony.

The chairs will sink a bit and you will run the chance that someone, old or young, potentially falling. In reality guests could fall anywhere on the beach during the ceremony and reception.

My best advice that I always advise my clients to do is to take the extra step and for a very low cost to you take out event insurance for your big day. You are having a unique wedding on a beach and with this choice comes the responsibility to make sure that if someone does get hurt that you are covered for that liability.

Another small way to lessen the chance of any injuries is to advise your guests to wear beach footwear (flip flops, etc.). Wedding websites, email and word of mouth are the best ways to get the word out.


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