Five Choices For
Beach Wedding Shoes

After you have picked out your dress, the next step is to find your beach wedding shoes. There are several different styles that you can go with, and we hope to help you figure it all out.

As you already know, beach weddings are a little bit different than traditional weddings. They tend to be a little less formal and more relaxed, but there are options for whatever your style is.

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Here are a few things to note when considering what shoes to wear:
  • Do not wear high heels if you are getting married directly on the beach! The last thing you want to do is try to maintain your composure while trying to walk in sand with high heels.

  • Match your shoes to your dress. If you are going with a casual dress, then you should also wear casual (or no) shoes.

  • Your fianc√© should match your style of shoe. For example, if one of you is barefoot, you should both be. Or, if you are wearing sandals, he should be as well.

  • Take your wedding party into consideration. Don't make them wear sandals or flats if you are going barefoot.

Here are five choices for beach wedding shoes:


This is the simplest option, and it works really well for very casual weddings. As stated above, make sure your dress style looks OK with bare feet. Don't forget to get a pedicure!

Foot Jewelry

This one is great for brides that want to go barefoot, but want to add a little sparkle. Find foot jewelry that matches your wedding colors and your dress.

Flip Flops

If you still want to go casual but don't want to go barefoot, flip flops might be your best choice. There are many different styles of flip flops out there with sequins, jewels, colors other than white and just plain old flip flops.

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A little more formal, sandals can help to dress up your beach wedding. They are comfortable and can be found in varying heel sizes.

Dyeables Fiesta Bridal Shoes


They allow you to dress up your look or not depending on the style you choose. Again, a great choice since you don't want to have a heel that will get stuck in the sand.

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In the end, the main thing to consider is comfort. Make sure that the shoes you pick are comfortable so you can enjoy the day.

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