Get Creative With
A Western Wedding Program

If you are looking for a western wedding program, you may have noticed that they aren't easy to find. Many invitation websites carry a lot of different programs but not western.

Don't give up! There is still hope for finding a wedding program that fits into your country western themed wedding.

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Below are 5 ideas for a western wedding program:

Floral Programs

Country flowers fit right in at a western wedding. Even thought they aren't specifically western, they are still beautiful and can fit right in, especially if your wedding ceremony is outside.

Examples of flowers that would work for this type of program include sunflowers, hydrangea and daisies to name a few.

Add a Western Touch

Take a plain wedding program and turn it into a western one. Find a simple program like the one below, and then add a stamp or sticker to make it unique.

Then, place a western stamp right in the center of the cover or on an inside page of the program. Stampers can be found in craft stores or online. Look for ability to customize the wording on the stamper to include your names and your wedding date.

Invitation Consultants offers stampers that would work perfectly for a western wedding. They have several styles as shown below. Get

Western Wedding ProgramWestern Wedding ProgramWestern Wedding Program

The stamper can also be used for other things like your wedding favors and invitation envelopes. They come in several great colors, so choose one that matches your wedding colors.

Add a Western Photo

Add a photo to your program to make it western. Your engagement photo or a special photo of you both riding horses are options.

This is another great way to take a simple program and turn it into a unique western wedding program. Add the photo to a plain wedding program style, or look for photo wedding programs that are similar to picture wedding invitations.

Hire a Designer

Invitation and program designers can create a unique design just for your wedding. Work with an experienced designer to come up with a western design that will fit your personality.

This is one sure way of getting what you want, but be aware that it might cost a little more. However, it will be worth it to have the western program that you truly desire.

Do It Yourself

If you don't want to start with a plain program or hire a designer to create your program, doing it yourself is always an option. You can buy the stationery, ribbons and other material online or at a craft store.

Just be sure to plan enough time to put it all together. In the end it might be easier to at least start off with a simple program and work from there.