Unique Ideas For
Wedding Table Numbers

Wedding receptions take a lot of planning, especially the little details like wedding table numbers. It sounds simple, but without them your guests won't know where to sit.

First, you need seating cards. Near the entrance to your wedding space, set up a table that displays seating cards that your guests can pick up on the way in. Make sure you print the names and numbers clearly, or have them printed on the seating cards. Traditional options look something like these:

Personalized Tent Seating Cards
Personalized Tent Seating Cards

For wedding table numbers, there are a few unique options. If you want to keep it traditional, you can't go wrong with tent table number cards. You can even print them out on your home computer.

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However, if you are looking for something a little different, consider the following unique ideas for wedding table numbers.

  • If you are having a fall wedding carved pumpkins make great table numbers. Have a carving party a week or a few days before the wedding, and carve as many table numbers as you need for your reception.

  • Like wine? Have labels printed with table numbers on them, and put a bottle of wine on each table. Not only will your guests be able to locate their seats, they will be able to drink your table numbers!

  • Edible table numbers are also something your guests can enjoy. Have your baker or local chocolatier create candy or chocolate table numbers.

  • Ceramic tiles can also be used. Find tiles (they don't all have to be the same), and paint the numbers on them. You can also buy tile house numbers to use if you aren't into painting.

  • Photos can also be used for a personal touch. Take engagement or other photos and put them in a frame with the numbers watermarked on them or printed along side of the photos.

  • Use photos to tie other themes into your table numbers. For example, use photos of sunflowers, beaches or holiday scenes.

  • Picture frames are another option. These can also double as wedding favors by placing one for each guest at the table.