Wedding Dress Color

by Ty

We're planning on a September wedding, and the colors are red and gold.

I just want to know what color wedding and bridesmaid dresses would look perfect together? Should I go for the traditional white gown with red bridesmaids dress? A white gown with light gold bridesmaids dress? Or should I use an ivory gown with either red or light gold bridesmaids dress? Please help?

Our Thoughts

Dear Ty,

First and foremost, the most important thing to do is to find YOUR wedding dress. See if you look better in either a traditional white or ivory gown.

There are so many shades of wedding gowns out there to choose from, all of which are not traditional in any sense. For my own wedding, I actually ended up choosing a candlelight gown with deep red and gold running throughout the chiffon skirting!

It was totally not what I initially pictured myself in at all. The point is that you won’t know which dress is right for you until you try a few on.

After you find your gown, I think that it will be much easier for you to tackle the bridesmaid dresses and which color or colors to go with. Take care of number one, the bride, and the rest will fall into place for you.

Remember to breathe and enjoy every moment of the planning stage – it goes too quick! If you haven't already, visit our fall wedding page for September wedding ideas.


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