5 Colorful Choices
For Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer wedding flowers offer colorful choices for your big day. This is a season that offers many options for flowers, and it is usually easier and sometimes cheaper for florists to get many different varieties.

Outdoor weddings are very popular in the summer, however you may want to consider an evening wedding when it is a little cooler. Always make sure your bouquets and other flowers get plenty of water to avoid wilting and drying out.

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As with any season, there are many flower options to choose from. Keep in mind that choosing flowers of the season will help to keep costs down, and they are also easier to locate.

Listed below are our top 5 choices:


Perfect for a mid to late summer wedding, they come in a variety of bright colors and also white. Use them to liven up your bouquets and other flower decorations.

Summer Wedding FlowersDahlia


Daisies are the staple of many late spring/early summer wedding themes. Use them by themselves as centerpieces or combined with other flowers of the season.

Summer Wedding FlowersDaisy


Available in a variety of colors, gladiolus can be used for many different ways for your wedding. They are perfect for centerpieces and other reception decorations.

Summer Wedding FlowersGladiolus


Snapdragons are a fun addition to your flowers. Use their bright colors in all aspects of your wedding decorations and bouquets.

Summer Wedding FlowersSnapdragon


Use bouquets or centerpieces of different color zinnia to create a stunning, colorful effect for your wedding. Or use them to accent other flowers.

Summer Wedding FlowersZinnia