Mixing Wedding Themes With Seasons

by Jackie

My fiancé and I are both teachers, so it looks like the summer is our best option to have a wedding because we'll have a lot of free time. However, we both really love fall, and I really want to have a fall-themed wedding.

Would it be weird or inappropriate if I had a fall-themed wedding in June?

Our Thoughts

As teachers having the summer off would be the best time to have a wedding event, so I would probably shoot to have the wedding towards the closing of summer with enough time for a honeymoon.

One way to bring in a little bit of the fall to summer would be to have a garden wedding theme. You could utilize lots of sunflowers and green leafage.

This way you bring together yellows, golds and browns naturally. Incorporate a deep wine, cooper or cinnamon accent color to remind everyone of the gorgeous color wheel of autumn.

Brocade or tapestry deep colored linens on your tables with a wrought iron tree centerpiece where people can write their well wishes on fabric leaves to hang them for you to read later is a fantastic way to introduce the coming of a new season.

Your favors could be small bottles of wine with personalized labels for your event which would be indicative of fall wine harvesting season, or you could do caramel candy apples with all kinds of different candy coatings all wrapped to go which is totally fun in the fall.

I do hope this starts to spark some fun ideas on how to bring in your favorite season. As I always say, run with it and the best of luck!


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