July Wedding Flowers

by Dani

Hi there,

I’m planning a wedding for July 2011, an my wedding theme is royal blue with silver. What flowers/colors should I use?

My bridesmaid’s dresses will be royal blue. Please help, thanks.

Our Thoughts

Dear Dani,
What a great time for a wedding event! There is just something about a summer wedding that is so much fun.

With summer in full swing for your event I would suggest using wedding flowers that are readily available to compliment your royal blue wedding color scheme. Hydrangea is a wonderfully romantic floral and comes in beautiful shades of greens, light blues and deep blues that time of the season.

Dahlias and snap dragons are plentiful this time of year as well and come in so many soft ivory, pale yellow or soft pink shades to compliment the greens and blues of the hydrangeas. You can mix in the small green berries as fillers and you will have gorgeous wedding flower bouquets.

One thing I would caution is not to use a royal blue flower against a royal blue gown. Stick with color combinations that flatter not overpower, and you can’t go wrong.


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