Using Irish Wedding
Traditions On Your Wedding Day

Irish wedding traditions can play an important part in your Celtic wedding. Choosing to have an Irish-themed wedding allows you to use these traditions to make your wedding day special.

From shamrocks to trinity knots, symbols play an important role in Irish tradition, and they can also add a fun dimension to your big day. Symbols can be added to invitations, cakes and other decorations.

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Listed below are a few traditions that you can weave into your wedding day.

The horseshoe is a symbol of luck and traditionally found at Irish weddings. As a bride you can carry a horseshoe or even have it sewn into the lining of your wedding gown.

You may also want to carry a handkerchief that will have several uses in the future. It can be turned into a christening bonnet for your first born and then reused as a handkerchief on your son or daughter’s wedding day.

You may receive many sets of bells as gifts when you choose Celtic wedding themes for your wedding day. Bells are thought to keep evil spirits away and remind you of your wedding vows. They also make great wedding favors.

Nothing says Irish as much as shamrocks. While real ones can be difficult to find, including shamrocks somewhere in your wedding day is a great idea.

Trinity knots are another Celtic symbol that can be added to decorations and designs. There are many variations that add a nice touch to invitations and other printed materials.

The Claddagh ring is a symbol of love and marriage that is part of many Celtic weddings. The design features two hands clasping a heart as well as a crown which can work well for wedding bands.

Handfasting is an Irish wedding tradition of commitment that can be worked into your wedding ceremony. The tradition consists of wrapping your wrist with your fiancé in a symbol of unity.

Handfasting can occur in place of another tradition, like lighting the unity candle, or it can be added as part of saying your vows to one another.