An Irish Wedding Horseshoe
For Good Luck

An Irish wedding horseshoe is a sign of good luck, and it is one of many Celtic symbols that can be part of your Irish wedding.

While you probably won't receive many horseshoes as wedding gifts (as tradition states), you can definitely use horseshoes in many aspects of your wedding day. Below are a few ideas of how to use them in your Irish wedding along with where to find them.

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Using Horseshoes In Your Wedding

Using horseshoes as part of your Celtic wedding theme can be a lot of fun. Start off by looking for invitations as well as other printed materials like your wedding programs that use them in the design.

Your wedding cake can have horseshoe designs and even a horseshoe cake topper.

For your centerpieces work with your florist to come up with designs that include real horseshoes in combination with flowers, and find other locations to use them as decorations throughout your wedding reception.

Even your table linens can be decorated with horseshoes. Choose a design that includes embroidered horseshoes to help bring it all together.

Send your guest home with horseshoes. Find wedding favors that are horseshoes or have them in the design.

Where To Find Horseshoes For Your Wedding

For decorations real horseshoes can be found online or at many stores. If you are having trouble locating them, try sporting goods stores, farm or country themed stores or big box retailers.

There are websites online, like The Knot Wedding Shop, that offer horseshoe wedding favors like the one below.

For invitations, companies like Invitation Consultants offer horseshoe-themed invitations. Find your perfect wedding invitation. Free Shipping on orders over $150.

Combining Horseshoes With Other Celtic Symbols

Your entire wedding theme can revolve around horseshoes, or you can use them in combination with other Celtic symbols.

Other popular Irish symbols include shamrocks, Claddagh rings and trinity knots.