4 Ideas For Floating
Candle Wedding Centerpieces

Floating candle wedding centerpieces can not only offer the ambiance you are looking for, they are also more unique than a simple, traditional candle centerpiece.

Floating candles come in all shapes and sizes and they work can work well for any type of wedding theme. Try to match the candles to the rest of your decorations to finish off the theme.

There are several ways you can use floating candle wedding centerpieces, and listed below are 4 ideas to get you started with your planning.

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Types of Floating Candles

Floating candles come in many different styles and colors which can be used very effectively as centerpieces for your reception tables.

Orchid, lily and fall leave candles are great examples of floating flower candles. For a beach wedding, go with fish, starfish or seahorse candles.

Try thinking seasonal as well. Hearts for a Valentines wedding, or pumpkins for a fall wedding are a couple options.

Many Container Options

Here is your chance to get really creative if you want. There are many great containers and vases that can be used for your floating candle centerpieces.

Traditional Vases, hurricane vases, fish bowls and giant martini and wine glasses are a few ideas for containers.

Glass fillable cylinders work really well also (below) as floating candle wedding centerpieces.

They are inexpensive, offer many options for you to work with and are perfect if you are a do-it-yourself bride.

More Than Just Candles

In addition to candles, fill your containers with other accent items to finish off the look. Stones, pearls and floating flower petals offer a nice touch.

Illuminating the containers filled with water can create a stunning effect if the lighting is right in your reception space. Find small lights that you can place in or under each centerpiece.

To match your wedding colors, add a little dye to the water. This works very well with the glass cylinders above.

Also, it is ok to have candles as well as flowers for your centerpieces. Work with you florist or wedding planner for more ideas and hints.

Match Them With Your Wedding Favors

Send your guest home with floating candles of their own, or match them up with a theme candle favor. Visit wedding favor idea for more favor options.