Say I Do Again
With 2nd Wedding Ideas

You have done it once, and now you need 2nd wedding ideas. Often, second brides want to have an intimate, meaningful occasion since the first time was a huge wedding event.

Most of the time we see more relaxed and smaller events the second time around, however there is always the exception. We compiled a list of 2nd wedding ideas, and the results are listed below.

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Since they tend to be smaller events, you have a lot of options when picking a location. Here are a few ideas:

  • The top choice for many couples are destination weddings. You can go by yourselves and have a romantic wedding and honeymoon, or you can invite a few select guests to join you for a few days.

    Most people think of islands or a beach wedding for a destination wedding, but there are many other options including the mountains, Disney World, a lake house, a major city like New York or your favorite place to vacation.

  • A favorite restaurant can offer an intimate environment for your wedding. You can have your ceremony at a place of worship or outside, and then you can treat your guests to dinner at your favorite restaurant.

  • A Bed and breakfast is a romantic option. Many are very beautiful and allow you to have the ceremony in the garden and your reception dinner in the house or a tent. They work well for destination weddings also as it offers a place for out of town guests to stay.

  • Yachts and boats are a fun option depending on the size of your event. If you live near a large lake or river you can rent a yacht for the evening and have your wedding on the water. Visit nautical wedding ideas for more information.

Second Wedding Vows

2nd wedding ideas wouldn't be complete without talking about your wedding vows. Wedding vows for second marriages often carry more importance for many couples.

Writing your own vows allows you to add meaning and a personal touch to your ceremony, so this might be something to consider for your wedding.

Spend some time and think about what makes you a great couple. Come up with a list of things that really describe who you are together and what makes your relationship strong and unique.

Also write down your favorite quotes, poems and scripture. Spend a weekend putting together your vows and reading them out loud to each other.

It is a good idea to try to memorize your vows, but it is OK to have a cheat sheet for the day of the wedding if you are nervous.

Wedding Attire

Yes, you can wear white for a second marriage! Although not always acceptable, in today's world it is very acceptable for a bride to wear white for her second wedding.

However, if white is not your style it is perfectly OK to wear your favorite color of choice. Match your dress with the style of your wedding. If you are having a relaxed beach wedding, your dress can be less formal to fit the theme.

Wear a dress that you are comfortable in that shows your personal style. Remember, your second wedding is about you!

Visit our second wedding dress page for more ideas and helpful information.

Bringing Two Families Together

If you or your fiancé have children, including them in the ceremony is the perfect way to help bring together the two families. Here are a few 2nd wedding ideas for including children:

  • Depending on her age, make your daughter a bridesmaid or junior bridesmaid.
  • Have your young son or daughter be a flower girl or ring bearer.
  • Ask them to read a poem, passage or scripture during the ceremony.
  • Involve your children in lighting the unity candle.

Explain to your children that their role in your wedding is very important and that it means a lot to you. Involving your children in your big day will hopefully remind them that they are still an important part of your life even though you are getting remarried.