Wedding Vendor Contracts

by Camilla

Wedding Vendor Contracts

Wedding Vendor Contracts

I'm wondering if you have any experience or advice canceling a contract with a wedding vendor.

I have a friend who booked a vendor in Pennsylvania that provides the location for the wedding and the reception, as well as caters the event. This past September, she booked the vendor for October 2009, giving the vendor a $2,000 deposit.

About a month after booking, she was told that her niece (only 7) was diagnosed with a very severe type of cancer. Given that her niece and most of her immediate family will not be able to travel from Florida for the wedding, she is trying to get out of the contract and get her deposit back so she can move the wedding to Florida. So far, the vendor is only willing to move her date further in the future.

Do you have any advice? She has already seen a lawyer about the quality of the contract itself and was told it is pretty solid.


Our Thoughts

We are sorry to hear about your friend's niece. That must be a very difficult situation to deal with.

If the contract signed indicates that there are no refunds on the deposit, there isn't much that she can do at this point unfortunately.

It sounds like the vendor is working within the typical vendor contract guidelines by offering to move the date. If the contract is worded appropriately, as indicated by the lawyer's review, they are within their rights to keep the deposit.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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More than the deposit
by: Camilla

Danielle & Stephen -

Thanks for the response. The vendor has in the contract that they can keep the deposit plus the difference between the supplies needed for the event and the cost of the event (in other words, any profit they might make).

In your experience, do you think the vendor would be amicable to voiding the contract for just the deposit amount? How do you best go about asking them for such a condition?


Our Thoughts

The only chance you have is to talk to the vendor and tell them about the situation. Every vendor is different in personality and policy.

All you can do is be honest, tell them the situation and hope they are sympathetic to you.

Good luck!
Danielle & Stephen

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