Wedding Thank You Notes

The chaos of relocating and finalizing the wedding plans have resulted in my missing the appropriate window for sending thank yous for the shower which was 2 months ago and the wedding thank yous need to be sent now.

Should I send one combined thank you note or still send separate thank yous? Should I acknowledge the tardiness of the shower thank yous?

Our Thoughts

Traditionally wedding etiquette would state that every gift should receive it's own thank you note. However, life sometimes does get a little crazy, as you know.

Depending on the amount of thank you notes you may be looking at, at this point I would combine the two. Also, I would mention each gift in the card, shower and wedding gift, and do not make the card wording generalized in any way.

If you have more senior guests who are a stickler for wedding etiquette then I would go the extra mile and thank them in two separate cards since it is the more proper thing to do. Most everyone else will understand since you have just accomplished two very BIG stresses in one's life, a wedding and a new home!


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