Wedding Thank You Notes

by Rachael

I was wondering what is the proper etiquette for writing a thank you card for a makeup artist, wedding planner, and pastor?

Our Thoughts

We have received many thank you cards over the years as a wedding planner, and some of the best are those that were truly written from the heart. One of our favorite things to do is to look back and read over the cards since we do keep them all.

So unless you are working with vendors you really do not know very well, write the thank you notes to reflect a sincere and heartfelt thank you. If you don’t know them very well, then a simple generic thank you is more appropriate.

It truly does mean a lot as a vendor to receive a heartfelt thank you note. It shows that you cared just as much for them as they did for you, and it also shows them that you noticed how hard they worked on your event.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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