Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Napkins

by Serah
(Pegram, TN)

Our son is getting married on May 21, 2011. Of course we are responsible for the wedding rehearsal dinner.

We are ordering napkins for the dinner with a logo and the couple's names. Is it proper to have the wedding date printed on the napkins for the rehearsal dinner?

My husband seems to think #1, that doing this will take away from the reception and since we are not responsible for the reception that we will be overstepping our boundaries by putting the actual wedding date on the napkins for the rehearsal dinner. #2, he also thinks it's inappropriate to put the wedding date on these napkins since the rehearsal dinner will be taking place the day before the actual wedding.

This process is new to us and we would really appreciate help from an expert on this topic. Should the wedding date be printed on the napkins for the rehearsal dinner?

Thank you for your help!

Our Thoughts

I would have to go with your husband's line of thought on this one. I would just keep things simple and have a logo along with their names printed on the wedding rehearsal napkins.

Save the wedding date for the actual wedding day napkins so there is no confusion. It is wonderful that you are going all out and having napkins printed - bravo to both you and your husband!


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