Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Guest List

Who attends the wedding rehearsal dinner? Should out of town family members be invited?

Our Thoughts

The purpose of the rehearsal dinner is to have an opportunity to visit and relax with those people closest to the bride and groom, so you can decide how many people that includes. It can be anywhere from a formal sit-down dinner to an informal buffet, or a backyard barbecue or lasagna party.

This is also the occasion where most bridal couples give the gifts to their attendants.

The guest list usually includes your wedding party and the spouses of married attendants (or live-in partners), your immediate family on both sides (parents and siblings and their partners), parents of children in your wedding (young children are optional), and the officiant and his/her spouse.

Most couples also include out-of-town guests arriving for the wedding, or you can plan some other function for them to attend the night before the wedding. If you want to expand your guest list, you can include grandparents and special aunts/uncles too.

If finances are tight, then truly only invite your immediate wedding party and have a more intimate dinner to let them know how special it is to have them be a part of your special occasion.

Eat, drink and enjoy everyone's company!


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