Wedding Reception Uplighting

by Erin
(Houston, Texas)

I am trying to decide how to decorate my wedding reception. I for sure want uplighting and I love the pink and purple colors I have seen in pictures.

However, I was thinking about decorating with black and white damask with yellow flower accents. What color uplighting would you suggest I use in this case?

If I wanted to stick with the purple/pink colors uplights, what colors should I use to decorate my tables, dresses, cake, etc.?

Our Thoughts

Dear Erin,

I adore uplighting as well and think it truly helps transform a wedding reception into something spectacular. Kudos for going in this direction!

I also adore your original color schematic of the black & white with the yellow floral accents – stick with that!

My suggestion for the uplighting would be to go with a rich, deep gold or a vibrant strong yellow for your uplighting color. It will brighten up the room immensely against the black and white damask linens and make the space pop.

I would also look into adding a Gobo cut in some of your uplighting. This is simply a pattern cut in metal or plastic that is placed over some of the uplighting units to cast an interesting pattern/shadow up onto the wall. Perhaps a damask pattern to pick up and repeat your linens to tie the reception space together.

There are so many Gobo patterns to choose from, and with the right lighting company you cannot go wrong.


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