Wedding Reception Trees

by Alyssa
(Northern Virginia)

I'm planning an inside wedding reception for April 2012 and was wondering how much it'd be to get about 5 ft. planted trees to put around the room.

It'll be in the Washington, DC Metro area inside a large hall and I want it to be a darkened wedding reception with the trees all lit with white Christmas lights.

Do you have any idea of where I could get these and how much you think it'd cost? Thanks!

Our Thoughts

Dear Alyssa,

My best recommendation for getting the look you desire for your wedding reception is to rent the trees. Yes, rent the trees.

Many brides have no idea what choices they have when it comes to what is out there for designing a different atmosphere for their wedding reception, much less the cost of purchasing versus wedding reception rentals.

The first suggestion for you is to go around to local gardens and nurseries in your immediate area and ask if this is something that they do or would consider doing. In this economy everyone is hurting, and you would be surprised what they might do to help generate some extra income.

You can also do a simple search online and you will be surprised how many websites are out there dedicated to renting live trees and plants for special events. An average cost of a 6' to 7' tall Ficus Tree with or without white lights is approximately $35.00 per tree.

Good luck and happy tree hunting!


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