Wedding Reception Chair Covers

by Cheryl Randall

What do you think about having a mixture of chair covers for a wedding reception if your colors are peach, cream and gold?

For example a table that seats eight people would have a mixture of some peach covers with a gold bow and some gold covers with some cream bows in keeping with the colors peach, cream and gold.

Our Thoughts

Dear Cheryl,

I love the idea of using two different chair covers/tie back combinations for your wedding reception, but I am not in love with using them at the same table of eight.

My suggestion would be to have one table of eight use the peach covers with a gold bow and then one table of eight use the gold covers with a cream bow, alternating these every other table.

Too many color combinations at one table will make the design look overwhelming. Alternating the chair covers every other table will make each table unique in a different color scheme and make the space more visually exciting.

Go one step further and have a florist create two different designs for your wedding centerpieces and have them alternate as well. This would work well even if you are not using flowers as a centerpiece; for example having two different pillar candle centerpieces using a different candle color scheme or different candle taper height layout at each table.

Congrats and enjoy!


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Wedding Reception Chair Covers

by feb

Wedding Reception Chair Covers

Wedding Reception Chair Covers

I am getting married this September and the chairs at the venue I've chosen are red and blue!! My colors for the wedding are yellow black and white. My budget is very tight, but I don't want my event to look like primary colors!

Should I rent chair covers and forgo a more expensive centerpiece or just roll with the red and blue chairs?

Our Thoughts

If you truly don’t like the chairs, cover them. They will end up in your photos, and you will probably regret it when you look back.

We give you a lot of credit for thinking like a sensible bride. Work within your budget to make this happen.

You have two options. First, you can work with a local rental company in your area that rents wedding reception chair covers.

Second, there are websites that may serve your area. Simply go to Google and search for “chair covers”.

A few things to keep in mind is that going with a local vendor may be slightly more expensive (probably $4.00-$7.00 per chair), but you will get to touch and feel the covers before making your selection. Also, you don’t have to worry about waiting for the shipment to arrive.

Going with an online site can be less expensive (probably $2.00 and up), however you won’t get to touch and see the chair covers in person. Remember that the less expensive you go, the higher the chance that the quality isn’t as good.

Pricing in every area is different, so there is a chance that local vendors in your area may be less than the amount we listed.

In the end, your guests will only be sitting on the wedding reception chair covers for a few hours, so make a choice that looks acceptable and fits into your budget.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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