Wedding Processional

by Jennifer
(Philadelphia, PA)


I have a very small bridal party, the groom, myself, maid of honor, best man and flower girl.

Everything I'm reading regarding how the wedding processional works is that the usher or one of the groomsmen seats my fiancés grandmother, my mom, and his mom. However, since I am not having ushers and there are no groomsmen, I don't know the best way to do this.

Should the best man and the groom escort them down the aisle? Should they just seat themselves?

Thanks for the help!

Our Thoughts

Hi Jennifer,

Everything that you are reading is correct when it comes to the etiquette of traditional wedding processionals, but the greatest thing about the era we live in is that we do not have to follow everything the etiquette books print.

I execute many weddings with intimate wedding parties just like yours. Here are my thoughts.

First, have your fiancé’s father seat his mother, then return to the back of the ceremony space.

Your parents will be a part of your true wedding processional, and they can actually be the first ones down the aisle. Have them walk in together, and have your father seat your mother, returning to the back of the ceremony space to then take your side.

Your fiancé’s parents will process in next and take their seats. Then your bridal party will enter, either as couples or just the ladies, followed by you and your father.


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