Wedding Photographers Thank You Note

by Diane

We want to pay our daughter's friends (a couple) who were the photographers at her wedding. Our daughter will be sending the couple a separate thank you note when they return from the honeymoon.

The services were done pro-bono, and my daughter and I decided we wanted to send a little something for the services rendered. I'd like to send this as soon as possible. What should be included in the note?

Our Thoughts

The best advice is to just be honest. Simply write a thank you note thanking them for the great job that they did as photographers for your daughter’s wedding.

Acknowledge that you realize they agreed to work pro-bono, however you would like to show your appreciation by sending them this thank you along with the enclosed gratuity.

If they went above and beyond the call of duty or did anything during your daughter’s wedding day that really stood out, mention that as well.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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