5 Special Wedding Night Ideas

Once your wedding reception is over, wedding night ideas can make the fun continue. Your wedding night is all about you and spending time together as a newly married couple.

Below are 5 wedding night ideas to make your first night magical.

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Where To Stay

You want your wedding night to be special, and that means you will want to spend it in a special place. If you are getting married at a hotel, resort or other location that has lodging, this makes it a little easier.

If your reception location has lodging they should provide you with a bridal suite as part of your package. If they don't offer it, ask about it because this is something that should be included.

If your reception location doesn't offer lodging, find a hotel, inn or bed and breakfast nearby. Again, let them know that this will be your wedding night when you make the reservation so they are prepared, and it should ensure that you get the best accommodations.

Rooms or suites with hot tubs are always relaxing, especially after all of the stress of planning your wedding.

A Special Touch

Arranging to have a wedding gift waiting for your new husband or wife is a nice touch that will mean a lot. The gift doesn't have to be something extravagant, but it should have some special meaning behind it.

Something as simple as two dozen roses or covering the bed with rose petals goes a long way. It could also be something that symbolizes a special aspect of your relationship, like the first bottle of wine you ever shared, her favorite candy or your favorite champagne.

The hotel should be willing to do this for you, or you can also have a friend or member of the bridal party help you out.

What To Wear

Most likely you will want to start out wearing something sexy to get the romance started. There are lots of wedding night ideas when it comes to lingerie, and it really depends on your style.

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Below are examples of lingerie for your first married night together.

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Having Fun Is Most Important

The most important thing to remember is that your wedding night is supposed to be fun. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to make it something bigger than it is.

If you just relax and enjoy it as it unfolds you have a better chance of things going well. Planning too much or worrying about small details will only make it unmemorable or memorable for the wrong reasons.

Let It Continue

The fun doesn't have to stop when your wedding night is over. Carry the romance and fun over to your honeymoon.

Many of the tips and hints above apply to your honeymoon as well. Save a few surprises for the honeymoon, and always remember to relax and enjoy each other!