Wedding Location Etiquette

by Crystal

I'm recently engaged, but my fiancé and I live in two different states (Georgia and Alabama). We seem to agree on everything but where to have our wedding.

I have a very large family and many friends that I want to attend my wedding. My fiancé, however, isn't very close with his family and wouldn't have a very long guest list.

The way I see it, since I have more people, it would be unfair to ask them to make a 7-hour drive. Is it traditional for the wedding to be held in the bride's hometown?

We can't go any further in our wedding planning until this is resolved!

Our Thoughts

This can be a sticky situation. Traditionally if the bride's parents are footing the entire bill for the wedding event, then the wedding is commonly held in the bride's hometown or to her choosing.

Though it is very seldom these days that the bride’s parents pay for the wedding, and the majority of couples pay for their own wedding.

With that said, your fiancé’s family shouldn’t be totally discounted. Try asking your fiancé’s immediate family their opinion in the matter.

See if they might actually want to travel and make the wedding a vacation because they don’t live close to you.

If his family is adamant on not traveling as far and you both are unable to reach a decision the best option might be choosing a midpoint location that would make both families happy.

You can think of it as a mini destination wedding. The first lesson in marriage is compromise, and this is your first test.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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