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We are having a rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding and need to tell all of our guests to reserve rooms at an Inn that will be filling up soon. The wedding invitations are going out soon, but I don't no how to let them know to call the Inn and reserve the dates ahead of time without being to pushie assuming they are going to come to my wedding.

I know my family is reserving rooms, but I was only planning to invite basically family to Rehearsal dinner. The Inn just called and said you should tell anyone to reserve rooms now because they are filling up.

Our Thoughts

Along with your formal wedding invitations, you should include an accommodation card in with everything you are sending out. Some hotel and inn’s can provide these to you at little or no cost or you can create a card of your own.

A lot of bridal couple’s do this simply because they want to offer their guests more than one choice for their overnight stay in the area for the wedding. A sample of some possible wording is placed below for your review.

I would also strongly suggest having a wedding website that would be added on the accommodation card so that all of your guests can log on and get more details. You can also add links to the hotel blocks, directions and any other instructions or important information you want them to know before the big day.

Example Accommodation Card:

A block of rooms has been reserved under the name of Bride-Groom at
Inn of the Dove

25 Grandview Way
Washington, NJ 08888
Call 800-555-5555
Block is held from date to this date
and must made by date.

Other options available are:

(List them here)

Check out Bride & Groom’s wedding website at:

(Weddingwebsite goes here)

For directions and other wedding detail.


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