As A Wedding Gift
Wine Is Exquisite

If you are looking for something a little different to give as a wedding gift wine is a good choice, especially if the bride and groom are wine connoisseurs.

As a wedding gift wine is something that the newlyweds can enjoy on their wedding night or on their honeymoon. If you don't know already, try to find out what type of wine the couple enjoys.

There are many different regions and types of wine. It is usually easiest to pick a region, like California or Italy, and a type of wine, like Pino Grigio or Merlot. This will help narrow down the choices when trying to select a bottle.

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Here are some ideas for wine wedding gifts:

  • Bottles or cases of wine make great gifts for lovers of white and red wine. Even one bottle of very nice, expensive wine makes a great gift. However, make sure the bride and groom know enough about wine to appreciate the fact that you are spending so much on just one bottle.

  • Beautiful engraved wine glasses (below) are something that the bride and groom can use and remind themselves of their wedding day.

  • A wine of the month club is a great way for couples to enjoy your gift for months. It also means that you won't have to pick out specific bottles since the wine club will be selecting new ones every month.

  • Wine gift baskets combine wine with cheese, chocolate and other gourmet foods. The perfect combination for a newlywed couple!

  • In addition to giving wine as a wedding gift, there are many wine accessories available as well. These include cork screws, wine and champagne glasses, wine charms, coasters, educational books and CDs, wine racks and bottle totes.

  • If you really want to wow the newlyweds (and have the budget), give them a refrigerated wine cabinet or wine cellar for their house.

  • Engraved wine bottles are another great option. Many stores or websites offer the option to add a personalized message to the bride and groom on the bottle.