Wedding Gift From Groomsman

What is the standard for wedding gifts from members of the bridal party given that they have the expense of tuxedos and dresses etc.?

Our Thoughts

When you are asked to be a member of a bridal party, it usually means that you are close to the bride or groom as a family member or friend. This is a great honor, but it does come with some responsibility including paying for a tuxedo or dress among other expenses.

The financial commitment can be a lot, but this is all part of being included in the wedding party and does not take the place of buying a wedding gift.

Your gift can come from the couple’s bridal registry if they have one, or cash gifts are always appropriate, but it should equal about the cost of a plate at the reception (~$100 depending on the location). Regardless of what you choose, you are required to still give a gift to the new bride and groom.

If you are experiencing financial hardship at the moment or truly can’t afford a wedding gift at this time, explain your situation to the bride and groom. Give them a rain check for your gift and follow up at a later date with a gift.


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