Wedding Gift For The Couple

by Tammy
(Cuba City, WI, USA)

We are paying for our daughter's wedding. Are we expected to also buy them a wedding gift? If so, what is appropriate?

Out Thoughts

Paying for your daughter’s wedding is a wonderful thing to do, and your daughter is very fortunate to have parents that have the means to provide such a nice gift.

A heartfelt card with a special message is always a nice touch to give to your daughter on her wedding day. An additional gift should not be expected.

If you want to give an additional gift, give something that has meaning rather than something that costs a lot of money.

One idea that we have seen in the past is the mother or parents giving a small gift of meaning to their son or daughter the night before or on the day of the wedding.

Again, this small gift doesn’t have to cost a lot. It can be something as simple as a poem, a special photo from childhood or another item that has a special memory attached to it.

Maybe it is something that she can wear on her wedding day, or some other item that has been passed down that has special meaning attached to it.

To Your Wedding!
Danielle & Stephen

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